Security Operations

An organization core business integrity and client protections are critical, and the value and importance of information security in organizations make this a priority. All organizations need protection against cyber attacks and security threats, and investing in those protections is important.

Security isn't black and white. It isn't a choice between full security and no security. It's a continuum with a lot of gray in between.

At VAB Solutions our focus is on Usable security comes down to a single feeling: TRUST

Technology Partners
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Siem & user behaviour

Alert hypervigilance has been the status quo for far too long, until now. Our solution has shifted the paradigm, focusing on applying context to a threat-centric approach. Enabling you to focus on what is important instead of drowning in analysis.

Network Access

Endpoints are continously targeted by attackers to go further access into the network and it's resources obsolete and unpatched systems with know a vulnerabilities makes an atteacker job easy. Our solution lets organization see exactly what endpoint connect to the network and ensure their security posture is compliant, limiting unauthorized access, plus easing the auditing burden.

Network Firewall and
Security Policy Management

With end to end network security change automation for all related elements in cloud and on premise, our solution delivers risk analysis and automated compliance report to ensure enforcement of company and regulating policies and provide proactive detection of misconfiguration in the cloud.

Assessment and Management

Manually managing software wulnerability and updates can drain on IT resource with compliance madate galore and third party apps rife with vulnerabilities, comprehensive vulnerability assessment and management is a must.

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