Strategic service & asset management

Enterprise Service & Asset Management are the frontline and first step to our overall IT and security framework.

What if you could give users consistently great experience while improving service and business outcomes across your organization?

Our proven IT service and asset management solutions deliver amazing employees experience and business outcome.

Technology partners
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Service Management

A modern service delivery experience doesn't have to be limited to IT. All business department need to become more efficient and proactive by transforming manual process currently driven by ad hoc email, dated spreadsheet or paper document.

IT Asset

Optimize the performance of IT across their lifecycle, get real-time visibility of your IT asset. Automate the entire life cycle of your asset, such as procurement management, facilities management, contract management, vendor management, software asset management, cloud expense management.

Service desk

Speed up resolutions and deliver more efficient and productive work experience, automatic detection , diagnosing, healing and ticket classification of endpoint uses, such that managing employee and customer service becomes easy, by correlating your IT operations and security operations data with your ITSM platform.

Virtual Agent

Automate self- help across the enterprise with conversational Artificial Intelligence.

dependency mapping

Get visibility into your cloud or data center network topology, enabling you to view infrastructure relationships, apps dependencies, communication flows, and service mapping related to both ITSM and ITOM process.


Actionable insight for everyone across every IT tool that you use, deep analysis and transparency and self sufficiency.

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