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Many large enterprises, organizations, and government entities are transforming their traditional business operations into high-performance integrated business processes with the help of managed services. Markets and Markets Managed Services Market Global Forecast.

Accelerate Infrastructure and
Security Transformation

The emergence of new technologies is driving digital business transformation that is fueling innovation, building new business models and improving customer experience. Organizations who have moved to digital are creating these new business values and competitive advantage.

With this new dynamic competitive landscape, the race for enterprises to succeed in the digital marketplace has intensified. In fact, 50% of executives say digital transformation is a top strategic priority and expecting vast transformation in the next two years. For most enterprises, the Data Center and Security is the platform to accelerate digital transformation.

But as traditional IT converge with mobility, IoT, analytics and cloud-based data and application services, it is not only generating new revenue opportunities but also creating huge IT challenges, placing significant demands on IT. As IT rapidly evolves, it becomes increasingly more complex. And the more complex IT has become, the more challenging it is to keep secure.

With greater reliance on IT to drive business outcomes than ever before with less resources, how do you accelerate IT transformation while still focus on the needs of the business?

Drive Business Value Maintaining IT uptime to meet service levels, chasing system problems and resolving isolated issues that quickly pile up can dictate your schedule. It’s no wonder you’re spending most of your time managing the availability of your IT infrastructure rather than focusing on driving innovation. Continuing to deliver on today’s increased expectations for IT performance and uptime, while balancing the ability to roll out new application architectures requires a constant balancing act.

IT professionals who would rather show the business impact of IT have found a more efficient way of managing their IT infrastructure while still keeping an eye on the business by leveraging reputable managed services. In fact, current market reports reveal that increases in efficiency can exceed 60 percent, while reducing in-house IT costs—up to 40 percent with managed services.

Continuous innovation and automation. Tap into VAB Solutions next generation managed IT services platform to optimize for today’s technology complexity. Public cloud, premise-private cloud, VM’s, SaaS, containers, API’s, orchestration, cloud native apps, software defined networking, service management, Today’s technology choices are immense but increasingly complex to plan and manage. What architectures can we realistically manage? Where is the most efficient place to build and operate workloads?

why vab solutions

“Many large enterprises, organizations, and government entities are transforming their traditional business operations into high-performance integrated business processes with the help of managed services.” Markets and Markets Managed Services Market—Global Forecast to 2019.

  • We specialize in like-size clients. This means your business partnership is paramount. Large Providers center themselves in the global enterprise space and those clients are their priority. You are ours.
  • Large providers generally lack the flexibility needed for mid-market clients. They build delivery models to meet contractual requirements of large contracts rather than providing nimble and customizable responses to your challenges.
  • Pure MSP providers sell products and software grudgingly. We pursue, architect and deliver complex technologies and associated logistics as a core competency.
  • Our tooling and processes are purpose-built to serve mid-market customer size and IT needs Our full suite of managed service offerings are highly aligned to difficult-to-staff Tier 3 teams & underlying response capabilities.

We provide uncompromised value through innovative, tailored solutions still rooted in standardization, automation, and visibility– the foundations of a simplified IT Ops strategy. We are a rare collection of innovators, architects, developers, engineers, operators and problem-solvers across multiple IT domains.
Let us be your innovators and simplification experts for a brilliant new approach to managing IT.

managed value service stack


We’ve done this before. We understand that a streamlined and transparent union of your team with Managed Services group is critical during the on-boarding process.

Advanced & Emerging

We have the domain expertise, knowledge and agility to adopt the latest, cutting edge technologies into customer environments where appropriate to drive performance, efficiency and security.

Task & Process

Uncover and improve efficiencies with software automations for routine tasks to expedite change management and limit human dependency and error.


Our visibility and insight tools make manual troubleshooting and remediation a thing of the past. Depending on your requirements we can fully manage co-manage with these tools, providing you the same visibility, control and response guidance we operate from.


Our solution knowledge and diverse group of multi-domain practitioners sets our support and response apart from the competition. Which has helped us in transacting and executing over 15 cutting edge technology since our inception.

Security Standards &

Performing on contract such as a groundbreaking Identity Access Management solutions to a reputable organization has given us the credibility of building and supporting highly secure and resolute solutions

managed security

VAB Solutions managed security services provide a holistic approach to our customer’s security requirements by leveraging a deep bench of security experts, domain subject matter expertise and strong partner relationships to safeguard your valuable information assets against cyber threats.

We bring an extensive track record supporting requirements within regulated industries like healthcare and defense, building solutions to provide the highest level of risk mitigation, threat containment and response.

  • Security Device Management
  • Threat Monitoring
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Advanced Threat Detection
  • Incident Response
  • Guided Assessments
  • Custom SIEM & Unified Security
  • Virtual CISO
  • Insider Threat tools, policies & procedures

managed cloud & data centre services

VAB Solutions’ Managed Cloud and Data Center teams are a natural extension of your IT & Cloud operations for superior end-to-end plans for a multi-cloud adoption strategy. We manage traditional infrastructure in and out of your data center(s) as well as virtual machines and containers at hosting and public cloud providers.

We stress security through advanced procedures and automation templates in compliance with the Cloud Computing Security Requirements guidelines. Add development, architecture and migration services to craft best-fit IT operating environments to power your business. Let us help you plan, migrate, optimize and operate your data center and cloud assets at the next level.

  • Accelerated Cloud Adoption
  • Building New Cloud Apps
  • Backup and Disaster Strategy
  • Custom storage architectures
  • Cloud Spend Optimization
  • AWS Landing Zone Workshops
  • Detailed Run Books
  • 24×7 Cloud Monitoring
  • Self Service and Automation
  • Hybrid & Private Solutions
  • Well-Architected Frameworks

vab solutions brings value
to your organization

  • Consumption Model options
  • AWS Platform Expertise
  • Software-Defined Network Visibility and Reporting
  • Deep Security Perspective Program
  • Project Management
  • Auditing and Controls
  • Flexible and Elastic Support