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Today, your business doesn’t just rely on IT, it’s dependent on secure IT. In addition to a constantly evolving security threat landscape, increased demands around compliance and the potentially devastating impact of a security breach, there’s also pressure from the business to provide robust security for innovations like virtualisation, mobility, and cloud computing.

While these new means of communicating and collaborating may improve business agility and employee productivity, they also make security a very complex and fast-moving target.

While most organisations recognise that security isn’t something they can afford to get wrong, it remains one of most challenging organisational disciplines to understand, implement and maintain.

For those tasked with ‘getting it right’, the most pressing challenges they face include:

  • Ensuring compliance with legal and other standards; non-compliance can result in financial and reputational damage, and even criminal liability.
  • Getting the right security policies, processes, architecture and expertise in place to maintain a robust and reliable security posture.
  • Clearly and accurately reporting risk status and return on security investments (ROI) back to business.
  • High cost and complexity of managing the large number of security hardware and software products typically installed in an IT estate.
  • Employees are currently accessing corporate networks from multiple devices and various locations without appropriate security, exposing the business to risk.
  • Pressure to chart actionable roadmaps to secure mobility, virtualisation and cloud computing, but lack of internal competency and resources to do so.

With VAB Solutions by your side, you can be sure that your security partner has a deep and thorough understanding of the global security landscape and is conversant with the latest technologies, services and regulatory developments and imperatives. Our comprehensive portfolio of security solutions and capabilities offers you the visibility, awareness and protection you need to be confident that all your security needs are being met.

our offering includes;

  • Pragmatic, cost-effective and strategic security assessment engagements to help you achieve sound governance, risk management and compliance.
  • Multi-vendor technology portfolio to determine threats and align corporate resources to address security shortcomings, simplify management, increase visibility and plan for evolving threats.
  • Full view of your current risk profile, enabling you to make informed decisions and report to the business on risk management immediate and longer term security priorities and ROI.
  • Power to negotiate and leverage more effective commercial terms through vendor and service provider consolidation.
  • Managed and outsourced security services that allow you to replace capex with opex.
  • Ability to deliver and support security throughout your entire IT environment, giving you agility to harness new technologies and computing models, such as video, mobility, virtualisation and cloud.

why vab solutions

Security Assessment

Our approach and ability to take a security project from assessment through planning, architecture, technology implementation to ongoing management. Our skilled people enable us to deliver both standardised and customised assessments and implementations.

Geographical Security

However complex or geographically dispersed your security environment, VAB Solutions multi-vendor support capability gives you a single point of accountability and a single contract to manage all your support requirements.

Our Key Global Security Partners

Cybereason, IBM, Symantec, IVANTI, McAfee, Fortinet, Thycotic – have been selected on the basis of their excellence in individual niches and the fact that when combined, they provide you with unrivalled coverage across the entire spread of IT security equirement. The strength and size of our relationships with them enable us to negotiate the most competitive and flexible commercial terms for our clients.

Our Key Global Security Partners

Experience and expertise count for everything. Our clients benefit from a dedicated security practice and structure, security specialists, architects, consultants and engineers.